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New tech meets humanity:レジリエンスな未来を築く New tech meets humanity:レジリエンスな未来を築く

About Us

Lab fOr REsilient & Future City (LORE FC) is a laboratory that researches next-generation transportation and urban systems in a city. In addition, our studies launch for a resilient future city. It was established in April 2023 and is run by Junji Urata, Associate Professor of Systems and Information Sciences at the University of Tsukuba.

The name "Lab for Resilient & Future City" is derived from my desire, while pursuing cutting-edge research, to build new systems in transportation and cities by incorporating the latest technologies and techniques for the next generation without being satisfied with the current transportation and cities. It also reflects our desire to make cities more resilient in various crises caused by disasters and conflicts in Japan and the world.



Dr. Urata's research to date has focused on disaster evacuation, optimal evacuation control, traffic demand forecasting, reconstruction design, and bus network design during the recovery period, using methods such as behavioral models, optimal control theory, simulation, data science, traffic assignment, and discrete optimization. With the opening of the laboratory on April 2023, we have begun to work on areas and energy, smart cities, and improving living convenience in local cities. For more information, please visit the Research page.