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Research Sources


1、復興デザイン会議 / Alliance for Disaster Re-Design


The Alliance for Disaster Re-Design was established to promote research on reconstruction; to establish and disseminate reconstruction policies, plans, and techniques; to educate engineers, policy makers, planners, and designers. The alliance organizes activities related to research and practice of reconstruction and provides a forum for the exchange of information and mutual study. It conducts national conferences and awards various prizes. Please contact us if you are interested.

Reconstruction site visit at Okuma, Fukushima in 2021

Reconstruction Design Studio on-site presentation at Uwajima, Ehime in 2022

2. 行動モデル夏の学校


This is a three-day summer school at the University of Tokyo mainly for behavioral models. It has been run by my home laboratory since 2007, and I (Dr. Urata) has participated in it since I was a student. Recently, the scope of lectures has expanded to include network allocation and machine learning. The hackathon, which focuses on probe person data to evaluate policies in the urban and transportation fields, has also been ongoing since 2007, and there are participants from universities across the country as well as from overseas, making it an intense three-day experience if you attend. If you are interested, please contact us.

Summer Course Behavior Modeling in Transportation Networks 2019


国際会議TRISTANの招致に2022年に成功し、2025年6月に沖縄で開催します。Operation Research分野の交通研究者を中心に運営されてきた国際会議です。興味ある方はご連絡ください。

We have successfully bid for the international conference TRISTAN in 2022 and will hold it in Okinawa in June 2025.This international conference has been run mainly by transportation researchers in the field of Operation Research. Please contact us if you are interested.
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