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つちうらMaaS推進協議会に参加しました Participating Tsuchiura MaaS Promotion Council



2020年のTRB(Transportation Research Board)Annual Meetingでもequityという言葉が耳につきましたが、こういう論文をよむと、その概念は世界に広く浸透していることがわかります。demand-based transport planningからequity-based transport planningへと変わっていくためにはどうすればいいのか。協議会に参加しながら、公共交通の様々な可能性を考えていきたいと思います。

Dr. Urata has participated in the Tsuchiura MaaS Promotion Council meeting held mainly by Kanto Railway Co. We would like to consider how to make the Tsuchiura MaaS, which is being developed in the Kandatsu and Otsuno areas, more accessible and meaningful to residents.

The word “equity” was heard at the TRB (Transportation Research Board) Annual Meeting in 2020, and, for example, the paper shows that the “equity” concept has spread widely around the world. What should be done to shift from demand-based transport planning to equity-based transport planning? We would like to consider the various possibilities of public transportation with the council.

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