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Participating the JST event “YuGo Place” JST融合の場に参加してきました



I recently attended a meeting for the “Fusion Oriented Research for Disruptive Science and Technology” project, a program under the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). The program is organized into 11 distinct panels and has so far selected around 700 projects over three terms. Over the course of two days, I participated in the poster session, which offered a rare chance for me to observe research from the medical, life sciences, and chemical fields – areas that I don’t usually have an opportunity to delve into. What I found particularly fascinating was that the program is not just fostering intra-panel exchanges, but also promoting cross-panel interactions. Although these research projects are operating in different domains, they are underpinned by the same foundational technologies. I see this as an incredibly promising opportunity for the fusion and emergence of new fields of study. By bringing together experts from varying disciplines, we can potentially catalyze innovation through the exchange and supplementation of each other’s technologies and expertise. In conclusion, I am excited for the budding opportunities that will likely sprout from these cross-disciplinary interactions, marking the growth of fusion and emergence in the scientific landscape. (written by Dr. Urata)

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